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Sports Injury Relief in Atlanta

Athletic Neck, Shoulder, Knee & Back Pain Relief Through Chiropractic Treatment

If you suffer from neck pain, back pain or joint problems from a sports injury, you probably feel frustrated that you can’t enjoy your favorite activities. These injuries not only hurt, but they can also keep you sidelined for a lengthy recuperation period. Some sports injuries may even keep you on bench indefinitely if left untreated, while underlying spinal misalignments leave you vulnerable to re-injury.

Fortunately, our skilled chiropractors can help. Here at PSS Injury & Wellness Center we have helped many Atlanta athletes and sports enthusiasts recover quickly and completely from sports injuries, relieving pain and restoring strength and flexibility without invasive surgery or painkillers.

Sports Chiropractor Atlanta

Chiropractic Adjustment, Massage Therapy Help Treat a Range of Sports Injury Symptoms

Sports injuries may occur either from traumatic events or from overuse. Whiplash from a football tackle is a prime example of a traumatic injury. When the player’s body hits the turf or is suddenly stopped by another player, his head may fly forward and backward with enough force to strain neck muscles, shift the cervical vertebrae out of position and allow cervical discs to bulge or herniate, causing neck pain, headaches and migraines. A sudden impact or jolt to the lumbar spine may cause a similar misalignment and disc trouble, causing back pain or the numbness and limb weakness associated with sciatica.

Overuse injuries often involve the joints. Tennis elbow and golfer’s elbow, for instance, are two different sides of the same coin -- a muscle and/or tendon inflammation either on the outside (for tennis players) or inside (for golfers) of the elbow. Constant swinging of the racket or club eventually causes this form of repetitive motion disorder.

Other joint injuries occur from the constant, repeated impacts of running or jumping, especially if a slight misalignment already exists in the affected area. Runner’s knee, for instance, occurs when repeated stress in a misaligned kneecap causes the knee's cartilage to wear out, causing knee pain. Feet can sustain injuries such as plantar fasciitis, in which the connective tissue supporting the foot becomes strained from overuse.

If you seek relief for your back pain, neck pain or other symptoms, look no further -- our own Drs. Schneider and Jahdai-Brown can help. While an acute injury may have an obvious cause, a chronic injury may have started with a spinal misalignment throwing the body off balance, putting undue stress on one side or the other. The sports injury may reoccur as long as the underlying imbalance remains. This is why a visit to the chiropractor is beneficial to evaluate your spinal alignment.

We can perform adjustments that return the spine to its correct balance, relieving back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, knee pain, hip pain, ankle pain, foot pain, headaches and migraines. We can also prescribe massage therapy, exercise, kinesio taping or other rehabilitative therapies to help you recover from tennis elbow, knee pain and other related injuries. Contact our Atlanta office for an appointment with our sports chiropractor.

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